00-538 Warsaw, ul. Wilcza 19/42
PLN 125/sqm

Description of the Offer

  • Area: 43.20 sqm
  • Intended use: residential
  • Type of offer: rent

The property is located in downtown Warsaw, in the vicinity of Krucza, Piękna and Hoża Streets. It consists of 9 modern and prestigious residential premises, with a total area of 424.95 sqm, located in a historic, 19th-century tenement house, revitalised in 2020.

In the tenement house, the ceilings, window and door joinery and all installations were replaced. The historic shape of the building was maintained, decorations and details were restored, and the newly created superstructure provided a perfect contrast, thanks to which the values of the restored historic façade could be exposed. For the convenience of users, the building is equipped with modern lifts. Individual storage units are dedicated to all the premises.

The premises are characterised by a high standard of finish.

The property is a closed area (intercom), it is monitored and under constant supervision (physical protection).

Within the property there is an internal courtyard with greenery and places for rest and relaxation.

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